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Punky & accessories

Punky & accessories


Punky loves punk rock, his girlfriend Mia, his gang of friends, sodas and street art.

She loves going to concerts in small venues with her friends.

His dream? Go on stage herself, and pogot the room!

With her best friend Mia, they rehearse every week-end the punk songs of their group: Les Démoniacs!

Punky is a figurine  with 11 points of articulation approximately 16 cm high.

Under his feet are hidden small magnets , which  allow it to magnetize on accessories from the range, or any metal surface (and even the fridge!)

She has for accessories a golden bracelet , a yellow scarf , and a guitar that she has decorated herself, and her strap ...

The figurine was designed in Paris and modeled in Amsterdam. It was printed in 2000 copies.

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