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who are you 

les kiddoz ...?

We are made by 


indépendant toymaker

I have magnets under my feet!

we were designed in Paris and Provence!

All Kiddoz have magnetic feet!

We're new!
Manufactured in small quantities by an independent manufacturer!

Sans titre-2 copie.png

I'm about



I am super

posable !

we are the very first edition of les Kiddoz.

There is only 2000 figurines of each of us

We are (be other)
inspired by 70s Californian teens

Our boxes are


of accessories!

We were made by a French & independent toy manufacturer


you can find us on the E-shop of this site or in some beautiful stores listed on this site!

Image-1 2 copie 2.jpg

I like



I have



My skate is magnetized !!

Zoe detoureeee.png
BObo 2 copie.png

we are made with care and love of the details

bracelets, scarf, magnetic skateboard, magnetic rollerblades... I have a lot of accessories in my box!

I am vinyl and my joints are nylon (so super strong!)

Attachment-1 13 copie 2.jpg

I am a toy for girls & boys!

You can

collect us!

Noah copie.png
Sans titre-12.png
Sans titre-4.png

we each have a personality page
on the site

Image-1 4.jpg

We all have magnets under our feet!

Join us on istagram!
The Kiddoz

Attachment-1 4 copie 4.jpeg

I am 


synth !!

max dét..png

we are very

11 points of articulation!


sea, skate and sun

we are the first Kiddoz from the "Seaside Rockers" series

tous 2.jpg

click here to see what's available!

tous detoures copie.png
Sans titre-9.png

   The Kiddos aree articulated figures, about 6,3 "tall. They were designed in Paris and modelized in Amsterdam. The first boxes (Zoé & Punky) were out in March 2019.


They are modern nowadays figures, inspired by a  Californian lifestyle (see, skate and sun!) ...

They  have 11 points of articulations, and magnets under their feet, so they stick to their accessories or any  metallic surface (even your fridge)!

You can find skaters, rollerbladers, and musicians  among the  Kiddoz.

Punky, Zoe, Mia, Max, Bonnie ...

Come discover them here or live in some  Parisian shops (the list of shops is here).

Because they're cool teens from nowadays, because they have a big range of  movement and they stick to their accessories, they're nice to play with for girls AND boys, and from 5 to 99 years old (yes, a lot of adults collect them!)

We sincerely hope that you or your kids, girls or boys, will have as much pleasure playing with them then we had designing and making them ...!

    The Kiddoz are 16 cm and larger characters, sold with accessories. Created in Paris, modeled in Amsterdam, the first figurines saw the light of day in March 2019.


    They are modern figurines, which have  a  big  playability  thanks to their size, their numerous joints (11 points!)  and their magnets under the feet (which cling to their accessories and any surface  metallic).


Their style is inspired  lifestyle  Californian;  they are  musicians, skaters,  rollerbladers, both contemporary  and a little 70's, a little 90's ....

They appeal to both girls and boys because they are action figures that you can easily project yourself into.

They appeal to adults and children alike thanks to their design and aesthetics.

Punky, Zoé, Mia, Max, Bonnie ... Come and discover them on this site or in  Parisian stores listed on the site ...!

We sincerely hope that they will give as much pleasure to play to the children, boys or girls, big or small, as one had to design and manufacture them!

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