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who are you 

les kiddoz ...?

We are made by 


indépendant toymaker

I have magnets under my feet!

we were designed in Paris and Provence!

All Kiddoz have magnetic feet!

We're new!
Manufactured in small quantities by an independent manufacturer!

Sans titre-2 copie.png

I'm about



I am super

posable !

we are the very first edition of les Kiddoz.

There is only 2000 figurines of each of us

We are (be other)
inspired by 70s Californian teens

Our boxes are


of accessories!

We were made by a French & independent toy manufacturer


you can find us on the E-shop of this site or in some beautiful stores listed on this site!

Image-1 2 copie 2.jpg

I like



I have



My skate is magnetized !!

Zoe detoureeee.png
BObo 2 copie.png

we are made with care and love of the details

bracelets, scarf, magnetic skateboard, magnetic rollerblades... I have a lot of accessories in my box!

I am vinyl and my joints are nylon (so super strong!)

Attachment-1 13 copie 2.jpg

I am a toy for girls & boys!

You can

collect us!

Noah copie.png
Sans titre-12.png
Sans titre-4.png

we each have a personality page
on the site

Image-1 4.jpg