Patty, the poet.

    I Love her!

Joan from the runaways

People say I look like her.

            How cool!!

My best friend Mia

This is a comic made

before moodyson's movie

"We are the Best"

It s about three girls and

their punk band!!!

Who has more integrity, talent, coolness then Patty smith?

Friends are Life!!!

Don't you think?

                  I'm in a band!

         Can't think of anything

              cooler then this

Life is made to have fun

if you ask me....

My crew!

My Idols & I...




Music is the best thing on earth 

Moodyson's trio!

My guitar follows

me everywhere

Anna Karina


  • Nom (de scène):Punky

  • Couleur préférée: Le violet

  • Yeux: Grands, et verts!

  • Style: Punk-Rock

  • Ami.e.s: Mia (pour la vie)

  • Art: le graffiti

  • Caractère: Intègre, rebelle, joyeuse, énergique

  • Groupe favori: Siouxsie and the Banshees

  • Artiste favori: Patty Smith

  • Animal préféré: La panthère noire!

  • Particularités:Joue dans un groupe de Punk-Rock! A trois tatouages...

More cool chicks

like me ;)

The great Frida