I'm a parent who love kids,      trying to make them have             fun!

    I invented les Kiddoz in 2018. It was gray and wintery in paris, so I made them have a Californian style, where there's palm trees and always sunny...!

 so kids could play together, girls and  boys, little ones and older ones.

It actually worked!

boys & girls loves kiddoz as it's cool to play with because of the size, the magnets and the amount of articulations and accessories!

Also, i wanted to make girls and boys that would be regular nowadays girls and boys, not super-heros and not just a girl to dress and hairbrush!

Les kiddos are teens, having fun in their lives, playing music or making sports...!

when I create a Kiddoz, I listen to kids and teens a lot. Who knows best what a kid would like to play with then a kid!!?

I hope you'll love the kiddoz as much as I love making them

do not hesitate to give me feedbacks! 

Who made them and why

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